Impact Investing


Impact investing is a unique approach to address seemingly intractable problems and put limited resources toward long-term solutions. It causes an economic multiplier effect locally, nationally and internationally.

Solventas and its affiliates will loan or invest a portion of your financial support to or in emerging market surgical practices, alongside foundations, family offices and other accredited impact investors. These investments harness the power of enterprise and empower local surgeons – those with an understanding of the people and the marketplace – to equip, operate and market a surgical practice that is financially self-sufficient.

Afterwards, these surgeons are not on their own. Solventas supports the surgeons with expertise from volunteer surgeons and medical management professionals.  

This hybrid investment model – access to capital and management and surgical expertise – is a powerful combination that helps local surgeons provide care to the truly indigent, manage their practice for long-term success, and even call upon their colleagues from abroad to assist with difficult cases, procedures or management issues.

Each time Solventas exits an investment it will put its proceeds back into its mission in another surgically-underserved, developing world community with a local surgeon who has that community’s best interest at heart.