How It Works

Solventas-affiliated investment funds will take the form of limited liability companies (LLCs), low-income LLCs (L3Cs) or partnerships that will then make loans to or direct equity investments in developing world surgical practices — alongside the surgeons performing the services.

This method aligns the economic interests of the surgeons with the long term self-sufficiency of their practice. Solventas investments create an incentive for surgeons to not only make their practice economically self-sustainable, but also to devote their full time and attention to its productivity.

As with a traditional small business loan, surgeons receiving financial support from Solventas affiliates will be expected to either repay their loan or provide a return on equity.

It is both our hope and expectation that by the time a surgical practice meets its financial obligation, it will have achieved consistent patient flow and, in turn, both the means for self-sustainability and the ability to obtain additional working capital from local sources.

Importantly, it is also our expectation that every recipient of financial support from Solventas affiliates have a written and economically-rational indigent care policy that will ensure treatment for those who cannot afford surgical care.